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“Peer through Gyori’s brilliant, kaleidoscopic magic realism, and you’ll be treated to his unique and riveting take on the age-old story of a young person on a quest to find out who he truly is.”

- Paul Guernsey, The Ghost Story Journal

“A brilliant and a refreshing read.”

– Kevin Saitta, Written Tales Chapbook

“A cool piece, very different and funny, great concept.”

– Rick Taubold, Fabula Argentea Magazine

An engaging take on modern culture that gives the reader something to ponder while keeping the story light-hearted.”

– Written Tales Web Site

 Hear the Voices

“A haunting tale of the American west with a fresh and persuasive voice which feels like an epic in miniature.”

- Historical Writers Association

Coming in 2025:
Creating the Digital Interactive Story:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Collaborative Planning, Production and Beyond
by Bradford Gyori

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